Surf Breaks at a Glance

Another post I wrote when I first statred my blog.

SC Surf Butler

How Waves Break

We can remove some of the guesswork in finding good waves by taking a quick look at the various types of surf breaks and the factors that influence them. This knowledge will come in handy when you’re trying to figure out how to read a surf report.

Beach Break

Chances are your local surf spot is a beach break. local surf spots, T-Street is a local surf spot in San Clemente. .  Beach breaks are where the waves break over a sandy bottom.   Usually within 100 yards of the shoreline.  Since the ocean floor is sandy, the waves are at the mercy of the changing bottom contours,  waves break when they eventually hit a bottom shallow enough to expend their energy. Along the length of the beach, some waves will break better than others, depending on the shifting sand: the ocean floor is affected by currents, storms…

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