Southern California Grunion Runs

Open season for grunion runs. Here is a post I wrote last October.

SC Surf Butler

I received a question from Neighbor Linda regarding the Grunion runs in Dana Point.

“Hi  S C Surfbutler,  its neighbor Linda.  You are so knowledgeable on everything to do with our beaches, I know you will be able to answer my question.  I have very fond memories of grunion hunting in my earlier days.  We would go to the beach at midnight to catch those slippery guys, and have a great time.  Now the beaches close at 10:00.  Are we still allowed to go grunion hunting, and if so where can we go?  Also, when do they run and do you need a fishing license?”

”  This is a great question  Neighbor Linda.”

Grunion are pretty important culturally here in Southern California because this doesn’t happen anywhere else in the world and it’s  a pretty unique experience.  The grunion runs are closed during their peak spawning period March through April.  …

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