A Word A Week Photo Challenge: Metallic

A Word A Week Photo Challenge: Metallic

Metallic is the theme.   You can go here to view more metallic photos or to participate in this photo challenge.

Richard Henry Dana Jr.


Larger than life-size full-length figure of Richard Henry Dana, Jr. He is shirtless and wears pants which are rolled up to mid-calf. His proper right foot rests on a bitt, which represents the deck of a ship. In his proper right hand he holds a notebook. A sheathed knife hangs from his belt. His proper left arm is akimbo.


This nine foot tall sculpture of Richard Henry Dana Jr. stands at the entrance of Dana Point Harbor.  Richard Henry Dana Jr. was a seaman, politician, lawyer and author. He is noted for being a defender of seamen and fugitive slaves. The City of Dana Point is named after him. He had traveled here (from his home in Massachusetts) and along the California coast in 1834 when the area was still part of Mexico.



5 responses to “A Word A Week Photo Challenge: Metallic

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  2. Interesting, I’d never heard of him to be honest.

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