Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

Culture. Culture is a bit of a loaded word. In a photograph, it can embody everything and nothing. So where do we draw the line? Shopping culture, hippy culture, Asian culture, Thai culture, ancient culture, and on and on. These phrases have different meanings. For me, as a working travel photographer, being able to show culture, in all of its various guises, is crucial to the success of an image.

 A Look at San Clemente’s  Surf Culture

A bicyclist approaches a San Clemente street banner that went up Wednesday saluting former surf champion Dino Andino and his teen phenom son Kolohe, who won the U.S. under-18 title Saturday at Trestles.

Corky Carroll is often associated with Huntington Beach but he lived in San Clemente during some  highlights of his surf career and was often seen in the lineup at Cotton's Point. Today he is honored on a San Clemente street banner.

Pro surfer, surfboard maker, contest judge and San Clemente surf icon Jeff Midget Smith is honored posthumously on this street banner. He fell victim to cancer in 2008.

This new San Clemente street banner recognizes the world-class surfing talents of Matt Archbold, whose career dates from the 1980s and who continues to rip.

San Clemente's Gudauskas brothers, from left, Patrick, Tanner and Dane, are honored on a new San Clemente street banner, one of 21 unveiled Wednesday during a ceramony hosted by the Chamber of Commerce at OC Tavern.

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