Travel Theme: Time

Travel Theme: Time

Where’s my backpack Travel Theme: Time.


Spending Time in San Clemente, Ca.

Beach Time

San Clemente beach clock sets on top of the Lifeguard station, which is on the North side of the Pier.



Downtown Time.

Downtown Del Mar Street clock sets on top of our Library on the South end.


Neighborhood Bells Time

This church is behind my house and bells ring on the hour seven days a week.     I will never get tired of the church bells ringing on time.


This is the back side of the church’s steeple that I see from my bedroom porch.


If you are ever in San Clemente, Ca., you will never be without Time!

For more information on San Clemente Tourism go here.

See you at the beach!


6 responses to “Travel Theme: Time

  1. My Tropical Home

    I like that church. Does it ring like traditional bells do? I imagine that can be really loud…

  2. ‘you will never be without time’ somehow though I feel looking at where you live Time might fly by enjoying yourself 😉

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