Sunday Post: Sentimental Value

sunday post

Sunday Post : Sentimental Value

Jake’s Printer Sunday Post : Sentimental Value March 24-March 30, 2013

Jake gives us this definition of sentimental value: The personal value of an object, place or pet derived from the personal memories associated with it.

Here is my expression of “Sentimental Value.”


Here is a snapshot of my wooden box that I place everything that has meaning to me.


This plant is from Costa Rica.  My very good friend whom I will wake up with for the rest of my life gave me this plant years ago.  It is my first plant of many now that I have been able to keep alive and well.

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5 responses to “Sunday Post: Sentimental Value

  1. We have one of those plants that a Trinidadian freind gave me, any idea what it is?

  2. Fantastic collection my friend, amazing!

  3. Thanks for sharing those sentimental value of yours my friend ,Awesome 🙂

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