Sunday Post: Bay

Sunday Post: Bay

Week 3/17-23/2013

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sunday post

A bay is a large body of water connected to an ocean or sea formed by an inlet of land due to the surrounding land blocking some waves and often reducing winds, Bays were significant in the history of human settlement because they can provide a safe place
for fishing. Later they were important in the development of sea trade as the safe anchorage they provide encouraged their selection as ports.


(Above)  I took this photo of a bay off Highway 1 off the central California Coast, aka historical El Camino Real Route that takes you on a scenic route of the California Coast.


(Above) This is a photo of Morro Bay, California . 


 (Above) This is a photo of “A Bora Bora Morning” picture that hangs on my wall that I am imagine myself to be one day as I strive to create my Heaven on Earth.


7 responses to “Sunday Post: Bay

  1. Beautiful concept for this week theme, Thanks for posting 🙂

  2. The first one is my kind of bay! Many thanks again.

  3. That first photo especially is beautiful!

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