Weekend in Los Osos Ca.

Weekend in Los Osos Ca.

This weekend I went on a quick road trip to Los Osos, Ca.. We had been talking about going to pick up a car from Los Osos on the Central Coast . We were contemplating long weekend take in some new sites or up and back.


Saturday morning we left with a pair of shorts and three t-shirts at 4:30 am. We decided on going there and back in one day.

Our plan was quickly derailed with a dead battery. We had to take the battery to the local Auto Zone in town to get charged. While the battery was being we charged we could get something to eat and then be on our way home.

day 1 afternoon road trip 010

The closest Auto Zone was in Morro Bay. It was this factor that turned our quick turn around into a nice day in Morro Bay. We grabbed a chicken lunch from Albertsons $5.99 a couple dollar drinks and off to Morro Rock to eat our lunch and watch the surf. Morro Bay State Park


Morro Bay is a quaint harbor town of small shops and restaurants. It was a beautiful sunny day on Saturday and the harbor was busy. Busy but not enough to cause traffic.

day 1 afternoon road trip 012

Driving around the bay is an easy 2 lane road that leads right to sand parking at the Rock.

day 1 afternoon road trip 014

Driving along you can smell the garlic bread from Giovanni Italian restaurant and the taffy from the candy store. The seafood in Morro Bay is some of the best in the world.

day 1 afternoon road trip 021

Morro Rock immediately becomes bigger than life as it takes minutes to pull up on the sand where parking is free. It is a bird sanctuary for the seagulls!! There are a lot of them beware. Alfred Hitchcocks ” The Birds ” quickly came to mind. We watched the surf and ate.

day 1 afternoon road trip 026

View to the Right

day 1 afternoon road trip 031

” Not a long time just a good time,” continues to be our motto. Driving from The rock around the bay is a view of the harbor.

day 1 afternoon road trip 030

Our up and back road trip, soon became an overnight stay in Los Osos, Ca,. We decided to stay the night and leave in the morning. Lorraine showed us some of her local favorites that evening.

road trip night 001

Meet Lorraine. She is the Los Osos local that showed me a good time in Los Osos, Ca.

This is a local bar the “Merrimaker” that was recently labeled a “Dive bar” in the local paper. I have always had a liking to a dive bar . Dive bar to me is a dim small local bar where everybody knows your name and you can shoot a game of pool. To my surprise the Merrimaker was well lit, had a long bar, state of the art juke box, a library to share books, and a stage to host local bands. Take a look…

road trip night 012

Two bar size poool tables

road trip night 027

Long bar

road trip night 020

Friendly bartender Timmy!

road trip night 023

Made us 2 shots of Patron Tequila with Kahula

road trip night 025And…..2 drinks

road trip night 016Tables to sit with your dogs!!! Yes this is a dog friendly bar. Dog’s allowed!

road trip night 042
road trip night 029

Local with dog
Los Osos, C.a is a dog friendly town.

After the Merrimaker we went to pick up our food from the littlest, busiest, cash only Thai food take out in town called NOIS.

road trip night 045

road trip night 048

A local favorite eatery . It won the Best of San Luis Obispo in 2012. The Thai food was delicious. If ever in Los Osos, Ca. try the Thai at Nois!

That’s it we ate and went to bed and was back on the road home .

road trip 002

Check out Los Osos, Ca. a Central California Coast town. The local folks are very nice. I highly recommend this place to visit.

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