Sunday Post: Plains

Sunday Post: Plains


Sunday Post Theme :Plains

Jake gave us this explanation for the challenge :    Plains in many areas are important for agriculture because where the soils were deposited as sediments they may be deep and fertile, and the flatness facilitates mechanization of crop production; or because they support grasslands which provide good grazing for livestock. 20121128-143300.jpg190

Central California-Agricultural Region

I took these pictures on my road trip through Morro Bay, Ca. on One side of the road is the  Pacific Ocean  and on the other side there are cows  grazing.  It is just something you do not see here in South Orange County.

To participate in Jake’s Photo Challenge go here: Sunday Post: Plains


9 responses to “Sunday Post: Plains

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  2. Great shot for this week theme, Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Thanks Jake! I thought I had to fly to Kansas and takes some photos! I was fortunate to have taken the photos while on a road trip to the Central coast this past weekend! As always thanks for stopping by!

  3. My Tropical Home

    These are awesome. I lost all my plains photos so I don’t know if I’ll take part this week at Jake’s.

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